La Porta di Mignana
 Leonardo Museum
The exhibition was created in 1935 in the castle of the Counts Guidi is composed of many machine models inspired by the drawings of Leonardo. The new arrangement made ​​in 1986, shows us various models accompanied by descriptions and has also been set up a room with audiovisual equipment.
 Leonardo Museum - Uzielli
Branch of the Leonardo Museum , the new museum complex in conjunction with the da Vinci library is proposed as a documentation center on Leonardo and his time . Temporary exhibitions and educational programs in the field of cultural heritage. The new premises house , in fact, a multimedia lab , a lecture hall equipped exhibition halls .
Museum Ideale Leonardo da Vinci
The first museum in the ideal world is born in Vinci in October 1993, is dedicated to the universal genius of Leonardo , its art , its land and its relevance. In a place of great beauty , the museum houses more than 400 works and objects : from archeology finds in the environment of Leonardo 's paintings and engravings sculptures and fountains, machine models and ancient treatises by exceptional pieces by talented marvel at the database with painting and drawings of Leonardo in contemporary art inspired by the great master of the Renaissance.
Birthplace of Leonardo
The supposed birthplace of Leonardo ( ignored by the guides most famous ) is located at Anchiano , a town not far from the center of Vinci, on a nice little hill among olive trees , and is an interesting example of rural architecture . Renovated in 1986, inside you will find many reproductions of Leonardo's drawings and maps of the Valdarno drawn by Leonardo himself .
Church of Santa Maria Assunta
It was built in the twelfth century., But restored . It is located in the village of Faltognano ; from the terrace in front of the church you can admire the beautiful landscape of Valdarno , in the shadow of the famous centuries-old Holm .
Shrine of SS . Annunziata
We find the intersection of two main roads of Vinci. Inside the Annunciation on panel attributed to Fra Paolino da Pistoia (first half of ' 500).
Parish Church of the Holy Cross
Of Roman origin , renovated several times, the bell tower was built in 1852 , its facade and the interior has three naves in 1929. The baptismal font in the church where he was baptized Leonardo verosibilmente that the Sunday after Easter of 1452 .
Parish Church of St. John the Baptist
Prior to the year one thousand, was revised in sec . XII and XIII, while the presbytery is located in the ' 500 . Note the Romanesque façade , the capitals decorated and the table attributed to Giotto di Simone Puccio . It is located in Ansano a few kilometers from Vinci.
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